Marco’s fruit and vegetables – Tokos as Amsterdam’s heritage part 3

January 11, 2023

Marco’s fruit and vegetables – Tokos as Amsterdam’s heritage part 3

From the Central Market, the food of all Amsterdam residents has flowed into the city for generations. Each neighbourhood has its own local shop or toko with an offering that suits the neighbourhood. Often these are passed on from generation to generation as part of the social fabric of the neighbourhood. They are places of culture that keep Amsterdam's heritage alive. The shops are timeless and have seen many developments in the city...AND survived. What connects crackers, ginger beer or stamppot? For BOEi, the Stratenmakerscollectief (Jesper Buursink and Fouad Lakbir) made three podcasts at three different shops.

Aflevering 3 – Marco’s groente en fruit
In the Baarsjes district, you have one of the authentic fruit and vegetable farmers left in Amsterdam. The craft and art of selling quality fruit and vegetables can really only be found with Marco. He runs his grandparents’ shop three generations later. Marco grew up in the central market hall and has many memories of the place where his (grand)parents traded. He regrets that things are different now and that everything has to be done so quickly. With Marco, you can still taste everything and you can also just come in for a chat.

A production of Stratenmakers Audiocollectief commissioned by BOEi.

Artwork: JSP