June 8, 2023

INTRODUCING: Writer Charlotte Kleyn

Charlotte Kleyn works as a culinary writer for various daily, weekly, and monthly publications. In addition to being the author of several books, she is also a historian, speaker, and guide.

Hello! I have a deep love for food, and I’ve turned it into my profession. I write about it: interviews, features, and recipes, but my main focus is on the history of food, drink, and cooking. After studying history and French in Amsterdam, I specialized further with a master’s degree in Food History from the Universities of Tours and Brussels. I contribute to publications like Het Parool and Trouw, frequently appear on radio and television, and have authored two books: “Luilekkerland: 400 Years of Cooking in the Netherlands” (2018), co-authored with my father Onno Kleyn, and “Trek: Eating on the Go, Then and Now” (2021). Currently, I’m working on a book about dining out in Amsterdam. Additionally, I work two days a week at the Allard Pierson, University of Amsterdam, where I am the curator of the Food History Collection.

Since November 2021, I’ve been renting a space in the Central Market Hall along with three other cookbook authors. The number of cookbooks in our office seems to grow nearly every day… It’s quite enjoyable to work together after years of working from home. It’s especially delightful to be here: my work and interests seamlessly align with the history of the Central Market Hall. For years, Amsterdam was supplied with food from this very spot. I’m still awed by the building each time, and I intend to learn more about the history of this fascinating and seemingly hidden place.

Photos by Chris van Houts