February 16, 2024 8:00 pm

 -  17, 3:00 am

Welcome to Tinderdome: Where Love Meets Reality!

Immerse yourself in a unique experience at the Tinderdome Festival, where love is more than just swiping!

This one-day fest is designed to challenge and celebrate your view of love, with a twist of fun, music and self-discovery.

When you put Thunderdome and Tinder together, you get a night of very hard dancing and flirting, but without capitalist normie intentions like on Valentine’s Day 🤭 The theme this time is the FRIENDZONE. We have all learnt that you don’t want to be in that zone, that zone is not sexy or anything. We want to show you that the friendzone is where you want to be bro…. You can also just flirt with your BFF, stay friends after it’s out or be friends with benefits.

Tinderdome has in the friendzone for you;
❥ Cupids helping us break the ice
❥ Sexy pole dancers
❥ Food, because love goes through the stomach of course
❥ Dialogue on normative forms of love and the alternatives
❥ Live music by Kiss My Knoblauch and dancing, especially lots of dancing and flirting <33333333 DJs we will still announce for you. We also stand for love without borders, we don't let what love means to us be determined by people with more power than us, so part of tonight's proceeds will go to Kolna Falasteen. They stand at Amsterdam Central Station every night at 19:00 to protest against colonialism and genocide of the Palestinian people! Free love also means Free Palestine! 🇵🇸 Come and eat too!!!From 18:00, the pizza chefs of Kantine West will be waiting for you with all kinds of Italian delicacies from our wood-fired oven.And if you come between 18:00 and 20:00, you only pay 5 euros entrance fee!This evening will also focus on the outer man and the chair, scissors and knives of barber/barber jolaaszoon will be on point! Markt Centraal can only be reached by our train, The Markt Centraal Express. It departs from the gate of the Food Center Amsterdam at Jan van Galenstraat 6. The train runs between 18:00 and 03:00. The Central Market Hall is accessible by wheelchair, there is also a MIVA toilet in the hall. Unfortunately, the little train is not accessible by wheelchair. If you are coming with a wheelchair, please let us know in advance. We will then register you with the porters of the Food Center Amsterdam. If cancelled up to one week before the event, a refund of the amount paid is possible minus €2 costs per person. If cancelled in the week before the event, a refund of the amount paid is unfortunately not possible. PIN only