December 3, 2023 1:30 pm

 - 4:30 pm

Markt Centraal's neighbourhood chefs will prepare a delicious, weekly changing meal plus dessert for you. Enjoy the special atmosphere in the Central Market Hall, framed by a moppie of live music.

This edition, we are opening the whole bag of Santa specialities. Be sure to join in if you like surprises, sweets and gifts.

Markt Centraal can only be reached by our train, The Markt Centraal Express. It departs from the gate of the Food Center Amsterdam at Jan van Galenstraat 6. The train runs between 13:30 and 14:00. We know no mercy for latecomers.

Our Markt Maal is a place to meet and invite new or unexpected people. Come alone, with your family or invite your opposite neighbour who can use or has earned a diversion. There is unfortunately no room for groups over 8 people.

We have different prices, so Markt Maal will be for all.

€15.00 – Markt Maatje

This price is for anyone who enjoys sharing or can just give it a wide spread. As a Markt Maatje, you give a free Markt Maal to an unknown Amsterdammer who cannot afford it. So is donating in your blood or are you renting out your second home in De Jordaan? Then tap it!

€10.00 – Jan Modaal

This price is for the average Amsterdammer. Neither poor nor rich. People who always use their Bonus card, sometimes get tempted by fun shopping and then regret it the next month. Who do go on holiday, but certainly not annually on winter sports.

€2.50 – City pass

This prize is for holders of a valid City Pass with a green dot. Because you don’t have much to spare, but deserve a tasty outing every now and then.

€0.00 – MaatjesMaal

This prize is for who really needs it. For those who are always flat broke, but need a good meal and some cosiness around them. For those Amsterdammers who do not meet the conditions of the City Pass or do not fit into a social pigeonhole, the reason is beyond us… Join us!

The Markt Maal is a 3-course vegetarian meal. We cook the same and very affordable menu for an average of 200 visitors and unfortunately cannot cater for other dietary requirements in advance.

The Central Markthal is accessible by wheelchair; there is also a MIVA toilet in the hall. The little train is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. If you are coming with a wheelchair, please let us know in advance. We will then sign you in at the doorman of the Food Center Amsterdam.

If cancelled up to one week before the Markt Maal, a refund of the amount paid is possible minus €2 costs per person. If cancelled in the week before the Market Meal, refund of the amount paid is unfortunately not possible.

PIN only