Toko Omoe Kai Hing – Toko’s as heritage of Amsterdam part 1

January 11, 2023

Toko Omoe Kai Hing – Toko’s as heritage of Amsterdam part 1

From the Central Market, the food of all Amsterdam residents has flowed into the city for generations. Each neighbourhood has its own local shop or toko with an offering that suits the neighbourhood. Often these are passed on from generation to generation as part of the social fabric of the neighbourhood. They are places of culture that keep Amsterdam's heritage alive. The shops are timeless and have seen many developments in the city...AND survived. What connects crackers, ginger beer or stamppot? For BOEi, the Stratenmakerscollectief (Jesper Buursink and Fouad Lakbir) made three podcasts at three different shops.

Aflevering 1 – Toko Omoe Kai Hing
In ‘Zuid-oost’, everyone knows Omoe and Omoe knows ‘Zuid-oost’. For almost 50 years, Toko Kai Hing has been a household name in Ganzenhoef, serving the entire district. They were the first toko and are still pioneers in the city. Three generations later, Ramon runs the business and worries about the future of his toko. Trading businesses works differently and he misses the central market hall. Despite all the challenges, he is still looking for new ways to keep his toko afloat. Like investing in locally produced produce from the neighbourhood.

A production of Stratenmakers Audiocollectief commissioned by BOEi.

Artwork: JSP