November 1, 2023

INTRODUCING: Bamboovement

Joshua and Ainu van den Hurk, in addition to being brothers, are also the founders of Bamboovement.

The circular economy concept is applicable to our company. The company’s focus is on care products with which they aim to inspire a more sustainable life globally. After all, every day starts in the bathroom. And as far as Bamboovement is concerned, all products in the bathroom are free from plastic.
With the company Bamboovement, they strive to set themselves apart by breaking habits and raising the bar in harmony with nature. In harmony with nature are the beautiful products, the partners, and the initiatives. Together with like-minded individuals, they help break persistent habits of unnecessary plastic use worldwide with high-quality alternatives that are as plastic-free as possible. They raise the bar by making existing alternatives more sustainable (i.e., even more plastic-free) or by creating new products. They have developed the world’s most natural disposable razor, bamboo attachments for electric toothbrushes, and environmentally friendly oral care sets for hotels and airlines. Major companies like KLM, Avianca, Albert Heijn, Etos, Dille & Kamille, and Odin have already discovered and included many of their items in their product range. The first hotels, such as the Bulldog Hotel and Hotel Arena, have already found their way to Bamboovement.
They have been renting space 124 on behalf of Bamboovement since April 2022. Unfortunately, there is no space for other projects as they have set up a few desks, created a small product inventory, and an inspiring meeting corner. Fortunately, there is space to meet with our neighbors. Currently, they are working with their neighbor Lars Vianen from Scape Agency on a serious innovation project.
‘Growing alongside like-minded individuals with the surroundings is what appealed to us in the project by BOEi with the Central Market Hall. In terms of an existing affinity with the area, we don’t get much further than our visits to the infamous Marktkantine.’

Photos Chris van Houts