Looking back at the ERFGOEDPARADE

October 13, 2023

Looking back at the ERFGOEDPARADE

'The Discovery of the Centrale Markthal'

The ‘erfgoedparade’ has been over for a while now and ended up being a great success. Many people with and without children visited ‘The Discovery of the Centrale Markthal’ and were very surprised. They found the interactive show innovative and refreshing. At last, they were able to see and hear the grounds and the story behind the Centrale Markthal and the FOODCENTER. Getting behind the barriers was not for those not working in the HORECA, as only then were you privileged to get a taste of the atmosphere here and enter the grounds.
To take the huge floor of the Centrale Markthal as a theatre hall was a big challenge. We can note that Erris van Ginkel succeeded in having actors tell the story, especially the history.

A short film of the event so that, should you not have had time to be there, you can still catch something of the theatre performance.