July 13, 2023

Core Restoration of Central Market Hall Amsterdam Completed

The core restoration of the Central Market Hall, the massive national monument from 1934 located in the Food Center area in Amsterdam West, has been completed.

The building, once the hub of urban food distribution, is being repurposed by heritage organization BOEi to become a space for creative, circular, and culinary entrepreneurs. Over the course of 2.5 years, 6,200 square meters of façade and 12,000 meters of concrete work were addressed. 4,000 windows were replaced with a more sustainable alternative. Additionally, 10,000 rusty screws were replaced, and 1,425 square meters of flooring were insulated. Furthermore, 15,000 bricks were restored, and 1,200 meters of handrail were renovated.

Arno Boon, Director of BOEi, said, “Over the past 2.5 years, an incredible number of passionate craftsmen worked on this massive project. In addition to the ‘classic’ restoration work, we focused on making the building more sustainable. Simultaneously with the restoration, small-scale neighborhood events were organized within the Central Market Hall, and there was also room for larger temporary productions, such as the World Padel Championship and the Holland Festival. At this point, some entrepreneurs are already using the spaces, and more entrepreneurs will join in the coming time.”

The involved construction companies, B2 Restoration, Van Milt Restorateurs, and De Boer & De Groot, are set to complete their work before the summer. In the months of July and August, BOEi will open the doors to the public during the theatrical performance “The Discovery of the Central Market Hall,” a journey of discovery for young and old, based on a love story between the son of a Moroccan greengrocer and the daughter of an Amsterdam wholesaler in the 1980s.

The total cost of the core restoration was approximately 10 million euros. Additionally, around 8 million euros were budgeted for sustainability measures and interior construction. Now that the core restoration is complete, BOEi plans to proceed with the sustainability and repurposing of the Central Market Hall, including addressing the roof, which is expected to house the largest number of solar panels on an Amsterdam monument.

For those who appreciate statistics, here are the restoration details:

– 300 steel windows restored
– 450 pivot wings restored
– 22 sheet metal interior doors restored
– Over 10,000 screws replaced
– 2,360 meters of concrete inspected and restored where necessary
– 9,730 square meters of concrete inspected and restored where necessary
– 6,200 square meters of façade inspected and restored where necessary
– 170 meters of expansion joints replaced/created
– 750 meters of lintel reinforcement applied
– 15,700 bricks repaired and replaced
– 4,073 new windows in the façade frames
– 6.516 km of putty replaced at glazing
– 1,425 square meters of flooring insulated
– 217 interior doors restored/painted
– 200 meters of rainwater drainage painted
– 1,185 meters of handrail/balustrade painted

The restoration of the Central Market Hall is a project by BOEi, carried out by B2 Restoration, Van Milt Restorateurs, and De Boer & De Groot. Funding comes from the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Province of North Holland, and the VriendenLoterij.

Over de Centrale Markthal
bout the Central Market Hall
Built in 1934, the Central Market Hall was the center of Amsterdam’s food trade for over 80 years. Owner BOEi, a non-profit social enterprise, aims to transform this immense national monument into a place for a diverse group of Amsterdammers, with a wide range of functions. A place where residents, neighbors, food professionals, and food enthusiasts from all cultures come together in a shared passion for food, culture, and innovation. BOEi focuses on three Cs: culinary, creative, and circular. More information can be found at

Foto Jan van Dalen
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