June 8, 2023

Stage set up Holland Festival

The Central Markthal serves as the location for the Holland Festival, where "Euphoria" by Julian Rosefeldt will be performed starting tomorrow. Take a look at the setup.

Listening to the musical rehearsals behind us on the floor, the users of the Centrale Markthal are now becoming curious about the performance “Euphoria” at the Holland Festival. It’s a 2-hour production that truly reflects the current times. For the past two weeks, they have been setting up with multiple large aerial platforms. The windows in the hallway no longer offer a view, and everything happening there is still a big secret. Tomorrow, they will have to be ready for the first public performances.

The drumming keeps getting louder, clearly building up to a climax. From June 9th, the piece will be presented to the audience. Finally, the users of the Centrale Markthal will be able to see what is happening behind the curtain.

During the setup, some photos have been taken, but the photographer’s curiosity hasn’t revealed much yet. It seems like it’s going to be a grand spectacle, but more information will be coming soon.

Julian Rosefeldt creates overwhelming, visually breathtaking film installations. His work “Euphoria” presents a diverse range of statements about capitalism, from Socrates and Karl Marx to Donna Haraway and Cardi B, through music and film. He makes both the ‘euphoric’ and destructive aspects of our consumer society palpable.

The Centrale Markthal is proud to be part of the 76th edition of the Holland Festival 2023. The floor is very well-suited for these grand events.

If you’re also curious about the performance “Euphoria,” click here for tickets.

Photos Chris van Houts